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Michael P Mann Michael P Mann
If Kathy is involved you know it must be a good thing!!
Jason DvorakJason Dvorak
Excellent!!! So happy to have you in town! A must visit!
Crystal Rehm Crystal Rehm
Awesome new essential oils and more in oconomowoc, Kathy Larson is very awesome to work with, highly recommend.
Sherry CochraneSherry Cochrane
Great service! Very helpful and friendly to my children I will definitely be back! I have my oils diffusing right now!
Paula Fred SBPaula Fred SB
Gallery Night was great to stop in & I returned after reading literature I found there for Blemishes & foot scrub recipe, so I decided to come back & was yet again welcomed into the store & the lady working Monday night 11/9 was VERY friendly & VERY helpful, to the owner your worker was truly helpful & great totally appreciated her help in our purchase!! Thanks again for being open Friday evening Gallery Night so I could stop in!!! I'll be back again 🙂
Lori Steiner Lori Steiner
So happy to have Kathy ' s store in town! I was able to get so much helpful information from her and the new reiki master on what essential oils would work best for a specific situation. Also love the olive oils and vinegars. Raspberry ginger is our family's favorite 🙂
Robert LieboldRobert Liebold
A very interesting selection of infused olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Kathy recommended the 100ml bottles for our return flight from Madison and we had no problem going through security at the airport. Can't wait for a return trip to Oconomowoc!
Barb Gracz RozekBarb Gracz Rozek
Kathy Larson and staff show true community support with the generous donation of product for the Aurora sponsored Lake Country Gala!! Can't thank you enough ❤️
Erin Eberhardt Erin Eberhardt
Kathy recommend the sports pro with some coconut oil for my husbands sore calf muscles! It worked like a charm!!!! Very happy with her selection of essential oils!!! Thank you Kathy Larson!!!
Charlotte PalmerCharlotte Palmer
As a employee I cannot say enough about Kathy Larson and my coworkers. I have to mention the amazing customers that come in as well. Love to watch new customers faces as they come into this charming store. As one customer said to me" I could stay in here all day I love the vibe " come in and feel for yourself. Try some "first class" olive oils and vinegars.