Our objective is to bring the Highest Quality and Freshest single and multi-varietal ICE-Pressed & Cold Pressed, Extra Virgin Olive Oils, & Aged Balsamic Vinegars that are Organic, Raw, Naturally Flavored, Infused, 100% Pure, Dark and White, from all around the World!  We DO NOT pre-bottle and we always pour our oils, balsamics, & vinegars fresh with every purchase right from our Fustis! Our olive & specialty oils come from Greece, Tuscany, Australia, Chile, Italy,  Spain, California, & are primarily farmer direct!

In olive oil, acidity refers to the formation of free fatty acids or put another way, the breakdown to the quality of an oil.  Factors that cause the olive oil to breakdown include, the health of the olives, how aggressive you harvest, time between pressing and heat!  Sustainably farming, ice pressing the same day of hand harvesting is what’s done to create a near flawless acidity, & farmer direct raw ICE Pressed Olive Oil! Extremely yummy & we are fortunate to have an exclusivity in our area for these products!



ICE Pressed Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil ~ Soulanari, Greece
In terms of taste…lots. In terms of healing…everything! Pressing a dramatic 20-30X colder than ‘cold pressed’ olive oil, creates a highly nutritive, super-refreshing, enzyme rich oil! The olives’ intense healing properties are maintained in their raw, original state.



Nutritional Information for Oils & Vinegars @ http://cibariastoresupply.com/shop/nutrition-labels


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